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Hurry Back Thelma

Hurry Back Thelma” is about a young woman who seizes the chance to prove herself, and solve the mysteries surrounding the life and death of her grandmother. 

The narrator, 23 year-old Cully, takes the reader on a sweeping journey from the untamed beaches of the NSW coast line to the dazzling world of a top Sydney Advertising Agency. She takes them way out west to the relentless plains outside of Dubbo, where nature wreaks havoc on the dreams of mere mortals, then seeks refuge “Up the North Arm “of the Nambucca River, where it snakes its way inland from the sea.


Cully wants to discover the truth about her grandmother Thelma, who was reputed to have the gift of ‘second sight’. Cully has inherited Thelma’s distinctive’ travelling eye’, but she must learn what to do with her gift of premonition.  Her inner fortitude is tested to the limit as she writes a book revealing secrets her family wants to keep hidden. 

The Goulburn Rose


“The Goulburn Rose” is a novel about what happens when your past comes knocking at your door in the shape of the daughter you gave away 28 years ago.  When Felicity is confronted by Helen she becomes so busy trying to work out how to introduce her to the family to notice that husband Rick is struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) from his deployment to Timor Leste.  Felicity thinks she will have everything under control by the time the augmented family sits down together for Christmas lunch.  But she didn’t bargain on Helen inviting her adopted mother and her biological father Brad, the man Felicity thought she had left behind for ever.

“The Goulburn Rose” is a funny, but poignant look at the compromises of marriage and the privacy of children.  It also begins a serious examination of the effects of PTSD from military deployments.  

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